Company Repertory Excerpt 2014-2016


A -Tension - Inspired by the work on Soldat* this work explores the tension that is created and then manipulated through physical contact and how to maintain that connection when physical connection is lost.  August 27- Zohar Studio Theater, Palo Alto, Upcoming:Choreographer's Showcase - Dance Mission Theater, Nov. 20.

Frames - A moment in the life of a person living with dementia, paper planes trigger thoughts/fragments of moments in time thought lost.  Aug 27- Zohar Studio Theater & April 9- Choreographer's Showcase -Dance Mission Theater

*L' Histoire d'un Soldat - Collaboration with Conductor of Espressivo, Michel Singher and director Daniel Helfgot to choreograph the 45min. Stravinsky composition integrating Cubist ideas and 1950's Italian mime into an abstract dance form while relating the story of the soldier who lost his soul to the devil.  Subtext was the impact of PTSD on a soldier from Iraq.  Accompanied by live orchestra.  April 6- Colligan Theater, Santa Cruz


UN: Ravelled -  Abstracting ideas of OCD, insomnia, rage and apathy, investigating how we can cross the barriers of our inner entrapments and take ownership of our flawed humanity. Aug 27,2016- Zohar, March 11& 12, 2016- Choreoproject, SPX213, San Jose, December 11th  West Valley College Theater, Saratoga & Zohar Holiday Concert, Palo Alto.

Esperanza:Forever Me - Collaboration with transgender poet, Val Esperanza Ge, that reflects on her journey to self acceptance, Val joins the dancers on stage and performs her original poetry.  The choreography is the vehicle that delivers the emotional and spiritual battlefield she had to cross before she could accept herself as well as the joy of finding her truth.  Aug 27, 2016,-Zohar,  June 11&12- Guests of Natasha Carlitz Dance Ensemble, Dance Mission.

Soliloquy - Investigates what happens when conversations overlap to the point of redundancy and chaos.  Manipulation of a dance phrase in 6, the movement is twisted on its side and distorted before 'righting' itself again into coherent sentences.  April 26- Professional guests of sjDANCEco's Dancin' Downtown festival, April 25- Zohar.

Carlotta - Choreography for the masked ball and an abstract dance about the history of the wars in Mexico for an original opera composed by Paul Davies and directed by Daniel Helfgot.  Performed live by professional opera singers (Steven Guggenheim -male lead) and San Jose Chamber orchestra conducted by Barbara Day Turner.  February 8 - Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater, San Jose.


About : FACE -  Reclaiming our 'face', our three dimensional existence, from the flattened profiles we have become, seeking balance between our online presence and the energy that we 'are' that cannot be translated.  April, 2015- Dance Mission Theater, February, 2015- sjDANCEco's Choreoproject, December - West Valley College Theater & Zohar's Holiday Concert.

Restless - Exploring the wandering, non-linear thoughts just before falling into sleep.  Linear ideas are broken apart and reformed.  April 27-sjDANCEco's Dancin' Downtown, San Jose -  April 26-Zohar's Spring Concert, Palo Alto.