Company Class

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates!
taught by Jeannine Charles


COMPANY CLASS    Int./Adv. Modern in Palo Alto
Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates!

        Jeannine’s dynamic class combines athletic prowess with modern

        sensibilities influenced by Limon, Ailey, and Tharp techniques.


        The class begins with a floor barre that emphasizes breath & alignment,

        firing the core and shunting blood into the muscles.  It progresses to a 

        standing barre that combines           

        classical and release techniques.  Class closes with dynamic across the floor 

        phrases and a dance combination that may leave you breathless.


        This class pulls together important concepts that influence the way we think 

        about dance, our execution of it and our relationship to it.


        Dance students may opt to receive weekly emails with links to combos and exercises.


        Hope to see you ON THE FLOOR!


         Drop-in $18

         Class discount Cards are available